Symbol formats

Symbols are provided as .wmf and .svg , as colour and in black and white. They will scale from the size of a postage stamp to A4 without any loss of quality. We are considering providing symbols in .jpg and .png and will continue to look at new formats as they emerge.

Open Source

Our charity fully supports this philosophy and our software is available as Open Source, which means the underlying code is available for examination and, indeed, improvements by other developers.

Each month, Reviewers take part in a 15-min exercise to evaluate the next batch of symbols. We assess all those comments and will either make the new symbols available on our website, or sometimes send a symbol back to the drawing board. If you like the idea of joining our team then please contact us and state "I'd like to become a Reviewer".

Service and support

As a small charity, we will endeavour to reply to your queries sent via the contact us panel on the home page within 24hours. Forgive us if we don't quite achieve this. But as a charity, we aim for 100% of our grants go towards development.

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